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Anupham Kher mimics Dr.Manmohan Singh!

By on January 10, 2019 0 216 Views

Actor Anupham Kher’s next project releases tomorrow, after a long battle, which is an official biopic of India’s ex-prime minister Dr.Manmohan Singh. The film was pre-dominantly opposed by the Congress fanatics, as the title and teaser give a glimpse of “Negativity” to them. The issue melted after the repeated clarifications from the team, who shot it on the motive to Show a best political product from the Indian Film industry.
Stepping out, soon there will be a biopic on Indian prime minister Narendra Modi, which has actor Vivek Oberoi playing the lead(er) character.

Now, here comes 48-sec video of actor Anupham Kher, who performs like Manmohan Singh, by carrying the majestic voice and attire of the leader. The star says that “I’m privileged to play the role of the ex-prime minister and sure that the audience will love it”.
Accidental prime minister will have its theatrical release on 11.1.2019, which holds actors Anupham Kher, Akshay Khanna and Arjun Mathur playing pivotal roles. the film is directed by Vijay Gutte and bankrolled by Sunil Bohra.

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