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Ashwathy nair on “Randamoozham” script!

By on December 17, 2018 0 156 Views

Actor mohanlal’s odiyan which was out on dec 14th, emerged a great success , and ,many discussing on the lead star’s dedication. odiyan was based on Black magician and Odiyan stories, which was directed by V.A.Shivakumar menon. now, the director has planned to touch , a new film after odiyan, which hypes the expectations among the mollywood film makers. Menon addressed, that the next film ,will be based on “Randmoozham” novel written by MT.Vasudevan nair in 1984, for which the Director seeked a contract for 3 years in 2014.
Now, the time period is complete, with a grace period of one year given, here comes ashwathy nair, daughter of MT, to stand firm on the issue.

ashwathy nair had a statement regarding this, on which she said, “”In the wake of the many comments and statements being circulated in the media regarding the movie ‘Randamoozham,’ I would like to demystify certain aspects of the discussions. As such the subject matter is under subjudice and anybody making any comment on the facts about the movie may do so at their own risk as it might turn out to be contempt of court. ‘Randamoozham’ is a masterpiece work of my father Shri MT Vasudevan Nair and no one can make any claims on its rights as on date”.
these words from ashwathy, has added a prick among the makers. In future, if the problems gets resolved, this film will be estimated on a huge budget, which will be bankrolled by UAE based business man BR shetty.

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