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BiggBoss birds pair up for a horror film!

By on November 28, 2018 0 120 Views

BiggBoss, the reality show which had a great reception from the audience and sparkled out many interesting characters which portrayed by many in Public life.
More than being a life changer, the show successfully acted as career uplifter, which gave actors like Harish kalyan and Raiza Wilson coming up with “Pyaar prema Kaadhal” and Mahat, aishwarya signing a new film.
Now adds another project, with Actor Mahat Raghvendra again but this time with actress Yashika Anand for a Horror film. The film will Kick start from Jan 2019, under the director of Magven(Mahesh and Venkatesh).

On a chat with Director venkatesh, who previously assisted Director R.kannan shared that this film was planned For Mahat even before entering Bigg Boss house. This film being a bilingual, the popularity of both tha actors mark as a Fuel for the product. He also assured that the film will entertain the audience.

Let’s wait for the Announcement regarding the cast and crew soon

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