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Cherry’s diet plan revealed!

By on January 3, 2019 0 144 Views

Tollywood industry believes a lot in “colors” ,“dance” and festive moods, who are thelargest producers of the best dancers, choreographers and stunt man’s to the Indian film Industry. The gigantic sets and colorful boards attract the audience,which demands the technicians to put an extra effort . Also, these “strategy” play an important role in bringing out the highest physical effort from the Tollywood heroes, which eventually demands a high fitness.
Standing unique, actor Ramcharan teja is a “Master” in performing multitask amidst the hectic shooting schedule. When everyone gazed the star’s stunning fitness, with an eagerness to know the secret behind, Here comes Upasana Konidela,w/o the actor to share the “Diet plan” behind the rocky fitnesss of the superstar. The tweet mentioned the low carb diet of the star, who mostly depend on raw egg whites and chicken breasts, with a prolonged cardio daily.

The actor’s diet plan has awed the tweeples, who are all set to chart their plan,with the help of the tweet. Ramcharan is currently awaiting for his Vinaya Vidheya Rama , which is planned to hit the screens on 11.1.2019, marking the Sankranthi Holidays.

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