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“Complaints on Vishal should be Investigated” –MNM chief Kamal Hassan!

By on December 20, 2018 0 244 Views

Under S.v.shekhar and j.k.Ritheesh’s supervision, a protest happened yesterday at producer council, especially against the chief of the council,actor Vishal.The major motive of the members, was the actor’s inefficiency in slotting out the release dates properly for a film. The protest happened with the presence of all the major persons of council,who gathered in T.nagar , Chennai. The issue became viral among the industry people,and started to spread out.

Now, Makkal needhi mayyam chief Kamal Hassan , who returned from the delta places visit, met the press in Chennai airport. When a question was raised on this issue, he said “ The allegations placed on Vishal should be clearly checked. It is also mandatory for Vishal to Pave way for the investigation, without being hesitant”. The star finalized by saying, whenever there is a Truth evolving, the person must under go Negativities and pressure.

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