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Director Bhagyaraj pulls back his resignation!

By on December 15, 2018 0 274 Views

Asusual, actor Vijay’s film will face a lot of negativities before the release, where his recent Sarkar is No where an exception. This time more than the lead star, the complaints on director Murugadoss was higher, for replicating the story of an assistant director, who registered the plot in 2007.
The battle took a different path, after the arrival of Writers association head, director k.Bhakyaraj, who triumphed the victory on helping out assistant director Varun rajendran, to give out the best. After the verdict, we had a shocking announcement , from the Director Himself on his resignation as the chief of writers council. We witnessed many praising the director, and also the members were ready to give up their post, if there is no re-election, for the post.

Now, on a recent trailer release function, director Bhagyaraj confirms on pulling back his resignation, due to the repeated pressure from the members. Many suggested that the director’s presence will be helpful for the struggling assistant directors and aspiring filmmakers. This news took a viral yesterday where many appreciated the sensible decision made by director K.Bhagyaraj.

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