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“Festivals are the platform to sell films”- Director vetrimaaran!

By on December 19, 2018 0 451 Views

After giving out two back to back cult films, including Visaaranai and Vadachennai, director vetrimaaran is well known for winning hearts for his films amongst many prestigious film festivals and events. Maran marks himself as the one amongst very few star directors, to constantly hold a space in film festivals. The director’s recent film vadachennai had a great recognition, amongst fans, who were the real jury’s to celebrate the cult classic.
Speaking about the film festivals, the director said “ Primarily, a film festival act as an access point for the mainstream films to get sold. We makers are blessed to have a screening amongst the big “b” s of the global entertainment industry. In fact, festivals gives us the boost to make a film with artistic agenda’s and without any political compromises.

Sharing about a director’s view point, “ we used to think, fetching an award is a taboo. If someone gets a national award, we think his/her career has got the best end. But the current scenario, doesn’t deal on these, it is the marketing strategy decides a filmmaker’s survival”.
Vetrimaaran concluded with his views and a simple advice to the budding film makers, to witness the basic criteria’s of their product before sending it to a film festival.

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