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GST reduced for movie tickets!

By on December 22, 2018 0 404 Views

Entertainment industry was the one, to get highly damaged than any other industry, after the imposition of GST laws for tickets. The entire fraternity went for a strike, in March 2018 which made the case even worse. Still, we could see Tamil cinema was blessed in the later half of the year which had the Money spinning film’s and quality contents led by the south film makers.

Now, here comes an announcement from the Government regarding the GST percentage calculation for theatre tickets, which says, tickets above 100 rupees , had 28%as tax previously, which now gets reduced to 18%. Also, the tickets below 100 rupees will have 12 %GST, which was 18 previously.
This decision was made in GST council meeting happened in Delhi, on Saturday.

This decision from the Government will help the Theatres association, who have a higher chances to enjoy the bulk profit.

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