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Hichki- Google play’s Top selling from India in 2018

By on December 4, 2018 0 260 Views

As we know, Every year end will spill out the best products of year, here comes the announcement regarding the most sold Indian movie of 2018 in Google play.
This humungous feat is achieved by Actress Rani mukerji’s ‘Hichki”, which released on 23rd march 2018. The film fetched over 209 crores all over the world. The film also released in china, on October which grabbed over 139 crores.
This Hichki is A comedy-drama, which is loosely based on Brad cohen’s Autobiography , front of the class. The lead lady is portrayed as an aspiring teacher, who is diagnosed with Tourette syndrome.
The film received highly positive reviews from the critics and the Public.The film also Marked as the all time highest grossing led by female protoganist. Hichiki is directed by Siddarth P.Malhotra and banked by Manaeesh Sharma.
Apart from Hichki, we have blackpanther, jumanji and deadpool 2 holding their spots in the list

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