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“I am not going to back off”- Anupam Kher!

By on December 29, 2018 0 119 Views

Yet another Indian film arrives here to create chaos among the political parties, prior to the theatrical release. “The accidental prime minister”, biopic of Ex-PM Dr.Manmohan Singh has caused a “jerk” among the ruling and opposing parties. The team had come up with a theatrical trailer yesterday, which had become the debate topic amongst the public.
When the Congress fans and few members started to battle against the film, here comes a tweet from actor Anupam Kher who says “ Iam not going to back off. This is my life’s best performance. Dr.Manmohan Singh will agree after seeing the film that it is a 100%depiction”.
Further adding the actor said, the Congress members should be happy on the film, which is made on their leader. The actor is confident about the film which will show the courage and love the leader possess. the film is planned for Jan 11th, 2019, which is directed by Vijay Gutte and bankrolled by Sunil Bohra.

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