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“I was scared of odiyans ”- Odiyan director Shrikumar menon!

By on December 8, 2018 0 365 Views

Dec 14th, is an important day for mollywood fans who are madly awaiting for actor Mohanlal‘s “Odiyan”, which holds a huge expectation amongst the audience. Before checking out the Excitement for the film, it has made mohanlal show a great transformation, especially reducing  around 18 kg’s from his body weight to act as an odiyan clan.
The film is directed by V.A .Shrikumar menon , who is an AD filmmaker turned director, debuting with this Fantasy thriller.
talking about the film, the director said, “ My child hood was filled  with a lot of odiyan stories , which attracted me, and scared  me too. We have Mohanlal who invested his heart and soul to give this project  as the best of his career. Going by my instinct, the audience will be thrilled by the  performances of actor Prakash raj and Manju warrier”.
Odiyan is a fantasy thriller, which talks about, the odiyan black magicians, who had the ability to change as an animal to terrorize the people. The film was shot over a year, which has heavy works  of VFX and special effects.
Odiyan will be out on Dec 14th, with a simultaneous release in Tamil and Telugu. The film is bankrolled by Antony Perambavoor, under Aashirvad Cinemas.

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