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“I’m a horse, Not an Elephant “- Superstar Rajinikanth!

By on December 12, 2018 0 513 Views

The man who has been an inspiration for youngsters, and acted as a moral booster for many  youngsters to  win the world celebrates his Birthday today !

A few months back, the star who was looked as the  State’s demigod, faced a lot of critism after his political entry.

The blockbuster run of Kabali and kaala , gave a boost to his image , but still the universal factor of the superstar was about to decay due to his political views  on IPL and Thoothukudi protests. There was also a time, where his movies were not reaching the expectations and was a big let down for Thalaivar fans all over the world.

Many questioned his existence , and trolled his run in Cinema and politics.

As a peak,  we witnessed  his much expected sequel 2.0, didn’t have a great occupancy in  the pre bookings,and many 20’s kids started to again question the Thalaivar mania.

It was answered on Nov 29th 2018. The film with a great WOM fetched over 500 crores worldwide in a weeks span.

We could see the reviewers, writers who trolled him, were  shocked with the man’s energy and  rage to give a come back.

Though, every one celebrated the victory, his pillars of strength were his  emotional connection with his fans and lovers, and they knew he will bounce back.

let’s check here, the most important rise and fall of our Demi god.

1. 2002: Baba: The film which showed actor Rajinikanth’s writing skills, who managed to pull it off with his blockbuster director suresh Krishna.

Though the film was a decent one, but wasn’t  good enough, where the Thalaivar’s factor was heavily  missing.

“It is the correct time for Rajini to quit cinema “- Haters

2005: Chandramukhi: The star was very much sure that, when he bounced  back he  would crush his  haters. Chandramukhi, a horror drama, went on to become a great block buster crossing over 78crores at that time and had a theatrical run over  3 long years.

2007: sivaji the boss!!: The shankar_rajnikanth duo combo for the first time was a smashing success at the box office. And received great response from the critics and the audience and made some great collections!

2010: ENTHIRAN: Second time combination of rajini and shankar with sun pictures for a robo sci-fi  film was talk of the country, and it went on to be a visual extravaganza for thaliavar as well as cinema fans! it also went ahead and made some good collections!

2014: Lingaa: This commercial  drama , came out in Dec 12th 2014, with a great expectation and became a great loss to the distributors.The Film created a great impact on Rajinikanth, where many advisedd him to take a break, as his previous “Kochadaiyaan” was also a disaster.

“It is time to change the superstar “- haters

2018: 2.0: This visual extravaganza was highly appreciated by the public, especially praising superstar’s hard work for holding an 18 kg body suit at the age of 68. This clearly showed that, he is the one. The superone.

These are  classic examples for the 20s kids, who thought this man to be just a normal star!

We from  SS music Team wish our superstar for his great health and an awesome future ahead!

Happy birthday Thalaivaa!!!!!!

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