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Junior Vijayakanth on a full swing!

By on December 28, 2018 0 1238 Views

One of the greatest humans amongst the current political generation, actor Vijaykanth had a mixed phase in his political career and has witnessed the high’s and low’s equally. The leader’s health condition marks as the major hurdle, for his come back to the Active politics. Yet the DMDK chief is undergoing a determined treatment for the past few years.
Taking charge, we could see Vijaykanth’s elder son, Vijay Prabhakaran swiftly acting around to check the problems affecting the state. Today, Vijay Prabhakar marked his presence in ongoing Teachers protest for the equal pay. The protest surpasses 4th day today, which is raging in TBI, Nungambakkam, Chennai.
Sharing about Captain Vijaykanth’s health, he mentioned that The chief supports the protest done by the teachers and Captain will fight for TN’s welfare with his “roaring” voice soon.
This gesture by the star kid is widely appreciated by political enthusiasts and the people. A few weeks back, Vijay Prabhakaran gave his support to the Gaja victims, by marking his presence in Delta districts.

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