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Kamalhassan presumes Votes importance!

By on January 25, 2019 0 284 Views

Actor turned politician Kamalhassan, has always pressurized on the fact of “voting” and “Women empowerment”. The leader of Makkal needhi mayyam, is currently pacing up on his next political moves, especially to battle against the negativities happening to the society. The leader, who himself an active spree in Twitter shared his views on how the “vote” is considered as the important role of the society.
The leader took his space and shared on the fact that the collective “votes” of a society is the important factor which uplifts the Level of any state’s politiculture. The leader requested the youth to have “vote” as their priority in the bucket list but sarcastically asked them to keep it has the second, on mentioning his own friends who are still searching a right time to vote.
This message from the actor has raised the question on what is the next move of the actor in both of his career. Checking about films, the actor is ready for his next film titled Indian 2, which is the sequel of 1999 blockbuster film Indian. The political genre of the film, marks here as the highlight, as Indian 2 is the second film for the actor after announcing his political entry.

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