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Kollywood stars share the importance behind voting!

By on February 2, 2019 0 299 Views

“My vote is not for sale”, is the current trending topic in social media, which is slowly turning as a wave, which is on the motive to stop bribing from the candidates for casting vote . The tag is clearing a viral in social media, due to the subconscious impositions of the value of votes in recent films and articles , which play ed an important role in canvassing,the long-lasting theory to the people. In recent days, social media is considered to be the major sector in creating the revolution, which had the prestigious Jallikattu(2017) and the emotional sterlite protest(2018) in the past. Following the foot steps, currently, we could see ”My vote is not for sale”, is raging amongst the people, where even the actors squizz up a storm, by mentioning that

“People shouldn’t think of ignoring even a single vote, as the politics in the past witnessed the Value behind a single vote. Voting is our right, it can change the fate of a community. so, it isn’t fair to sale it”.
These are the precious words, which are out from the celebrities, including actors Karthi, Vishal and actress Khushbu who shared their opinion via social media to the public.

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