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Lyca productions Make a massive move!

By on January 29, 2019 0 270 Views

Production houses play a vital role in making a film and exhibiting perfectly to the audience where the Indian industry has seen many hefty funders, who elevated the value of both their films and the industry. In recent days, the eradication of the sector is slowly gearing with many unknown secrets and reasons involved behind. But still, the industry managed to give the magnum opus 2.0, money-spinning Sarkar, the entertainer Viswasam and the Mastery petta in a span of 3 months. Plucking, the visual extravaganza 2.0, which has become an asset of Tamil cinema, was due to the sheer effort invested by the team. In fact, the back-up given by Lyca productions is quite phenomenal, who is currently busy in producing the socio political-Indian 2 with actor Kamalhassan as the lead.
Now, as an interesting surprise, we have sandalwood Actor Nikhil Gowda for a new film under the giant production house. it was clarified recently by the actor himself, who said,” Things are too early to reveal. I and Subashkaran have a great rapport and we will start a film soon”.

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