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Mr.Arunvijay is in Thanjavur

By on November 24, 2018 0 522 Views

The “kollywood” stars , who shine with the people’s love, lost their glow by seeing their “delta people” destructed by the monsterous gaja.
though, the support from all “tier” actors helped the major section, still the interior and minor potrion feeding under the aftermath of “gaja” cyclone.
standing tall, actor Arun Vijay, “fighter” in his career, combats with his team against the aftermath destructyions caused by “gaja’, and to help the sufferers.
the statement from actor,
“It was devastating and painful to see our “parents” suffering in “gaja “ cyclone. I was deeply saddened to see the “trees’, “houses” and the “lands”, which was emotionally built by our “parents “ gets destroyed by the monsterous “Gaja” cyclone.
we “sons/daughters” should show our support by standing with them , and pull back the “Rice bowl” of out Tamil Nadu from the monsterous cyclone.
it is not about asking the “powers”, it is all about what we do with our “power”. the farmers who were happy by feeding us, starve now for “breads and pieces”. we can show our support and energy by standing with them and rebuild the delta districts.
#save delta #the pride of TN.

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