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“Never oppose Nature” – Lyricist Vairamuthu!

By on December 24, 2018 0 141 Views

Tamil sangam poet kapilar, who lived lived in (50-125 CE), acts as a reference point for the current generations of Writers and poets. Kapilar’s poems had given a wider knowledge on The atmosphere, who constantly shows his concern and love towards the mother Nature.
on a recent function “Tamizhaatrupadai”, which is planned to introduced the works of Ancient poets to the Current generation, had The veteran lyricist Vairamuthu as the chief guest. The occasion was headed by professor s. gnanasundaram, which also had the presence of Many Tamil enthusiasts and budding writers.
Sharing about the event, Lyricist vairamuthu said “ The welfare of Globe is more important, than anyother current happening around the world. UNO has offically announced that, 33 percentage of the landscape should be Forest, which is not properly followed by the people. especially, the population went from 100 crores to 650 in a span of 100 years, which even demands the Forest.
To refer this, our Tamil poet kapilar has already mentioned this chaos, via his poems, where he constantly impressed on a single fact, which says, “if you are against nature, the nature will turn against you”.
I sincerely request the current generation youngsters to work on The ancient tamil books, rather than prefering periodic novels. it is the duty of every tamil youngsters to taste the essence of The tamil literature, by showing the support to the language. also, never oppose the nature”.

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