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NTK Seeman’s speech against Vijay!

By on January 7, 2019 0 163 Views

Director turned NTK leader, Seeman is known for his fiery speech on supporting the Tamil ideologies. The leader has an unique following, who play a major part in the leader’s emergence has a TN icon. Seeman is also well known for his abrupt comments on the fellow politicians and personalities, which also gave him a lot of negativities
A few days back, the leader had a party gathering, which had the presence of Major NTK members present. While addressing the crowd, Seeman spilled a few harsh words against Actor Vijay and his activities on Sarkar Issue, with whom the leader had a great rapport in the past. The Speech continued on showing his support to Actor Simbu and Simbu’s actions.
As usual, the twitter witnessed strong “conversations” between both the supporters, with a few of the hashtag’s trending. Previously, Seeman had supported Vijay on “Kaththi” screening issue in 2014, which earned him a great “fame” among Vijay fans

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