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“Periyar inspired me a lot”- actor Simbu!

By on January 18, 2019 0 96 Views

Actor Simbu is well known for his bold statements and decisions, which is the major take away for his fans from him. A few days back, The actor’s video song titled “Periyar kuthu” took a viral in social media, where the audience loved the star’s performance and the stellar lyrics. The lyrics blend the leader’s ideology which sarcastically comments on The current status of the existing Government.
Now, here comes actor Simbu to share a few things about the song and the leader during the Muthamizh ceremony organized by the Dravidar Kazhagam. the actor after receiving the accolade, said “The stage offered here is very special and close to my heart. I don’t take this as an appreciation, it is my duty as a Periyar follower to stand here.
Sharing about the leader’s impact on him, Simbu said “When you want to learn about Periyar, ‘humanity” is the only thing which sums up the quality of the leader. Despite the Negativities I’m facing today, the self-confidence which I gained to overcome those was acquired from Periyar. He inspired me a lot”

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