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Power NAP- the reason behind superstar Rajinkanth’s dedication!

By on December 15, 2018 0 157 Views

Awaiting for a film as lead hero at the age of 68, can happen only with superstar rajinikanth, who is known for his speed and hardwork. The spiritual star, who has a great fan following all over the globe, touched 69 on Wednesday. Also, there was a teaser released from petta team, to glorify the star’s birthday. The star’s previous film, 2.0, is the one which created a great hype for the next film petta.
On a recent chat, with actor chinni jayanth, who plays a minor role in petta, shared many excitimg experience on working with the star after many years.

Sharing about the star’s speed , the actor said, superstar comes to the set at 9pm sharply, and will have a tireless work till 1pm. once, the lunch time gets completed, the star will have a” powernap” for 40 minutes, which gives him the raging energy and prepare him for the latter half . Power nap is Superstar’s tool for energy.
Superstar rajinikanth is known for his speed and dedication, which made him to stand tall, even 44years of his film journey. Petta is a film inspired from, performed by and dedicated to superstar Rajinikanth.

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