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Production houses Clarify the Rumors Regarding Red card!

By on November 26, 2018 0 783 Views

A few days before, a news circulated in social media ,mentioning that actors Vijay antony and vijay Sethupathi was given “Red Card” for not planning their recent films on the dates sorted by the council. It was also said that, Vijay Antony received a “Red card”, with a mention on his Thimiru pudchivan release disturbed the result and reception of other “micro”films , including actor Udhaya’s” utharavu Maharaja”.

also, many leading journals started to circulate this “buzz”, by mentioning the names of both stars, which eventually disturbed their fans and well- wisher.
Now, on counter, the sources around the production houses of both the films, say that, there is no such allegations/letters taken against the star, as well the team and the news regarding the “red card” issue is purely a rumor.

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