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“Remove the seal” – Chennai high court!

By on December 21, 2018 0 227 Views

The ongoing TFPC issue, and complaints from EC members on Vishal, took the issue to a higher level, where the council head was forced to arrest by the police department. The star with his trustable aids was locked in a marriage hall on Thursday, who was Later released. The people around the council say, the unethical sealing of The office, done by the rival team created the riot which happened yesterday.

When ,Vishal went to the court, the issue was debated seriously by the judge, who came up with statement which says, the team should’ve reached the court with their queries rather imposing a seal on their own. None have the rights to stop the work of an individual. The court demanded the concerned authorities to remove the seal and allow the council members to resume their work.
This news from the high court has also mentioned about the wrong handling of the Issue by the TN police department. People stuck between the Two “Gangs” of TFPC are waiting for the counter move from the rival team.

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