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SFC blessed by the Gaja victims!

By on January 21, 2019 0 66 Views

The mighty Gaja, which affected a few months back shattered the hopes of many farmers, who lost their land, shelter and the livelihood. Though the government had taken the swift measures, the aftermath of Gaja is affecting the land till date. The “Rice- bowl” of Tamil Nadu was destroyed with the mighty damage done by the cyclone.
The temporary stand of the people, after the deadly cyclone was due to the support of the volunteers who stepped in to pull the victims from their disastrous phase. We saw many Kollywood celebrities and VIP’s funding the needs of the people which played a vital role in people’s welfare. The fan club members of Actors Surya and Karthi along with their Club chief’s, pledged to bring back the victims by taking charge of the village “Thanda kulathukarai” located in Pattukottai, Thanjavur district. The team swiftly worked to bring 15 plus houses, with 2 fully constructed for the victims who lost their shelter, The fan club members of Actor Surya and Karthi had their presence to celebrate the Pongal festival and bloomed back the positivity to the people.
The people around the place wholeheartedly thanked the fans, and chief of SFC Paramu, for making the possibility for their bright future.

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