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SIAA ‘s message for TFPC!

By on December 21, 2018 0 219 Views

The ongoing chaos happening around Tamilnadu film producers council (TFPC), had become a debate topic all over the state, especially after the arrest of Actor vishal, the council head of TFPC. Sources around the squad, say that,the Inefficiency on plans had urged the members to take such a decision against the chief. There was a protest held on wednesday by the core members of TFPC , which included S,V.shekar, J.k.Ritheeesh and suresh Kamatchi, in the head office T.Nagar Chennai.
The issue had shocked entire Kollywood industry, especially the south Indian Artist association had come up with a statement regarding this issue, which mentions that, it is mandatory for TFPC to bounce back from the ongoing chaos, which might disturb the future producers, if the issue prolongs. Standing with the mother hub (TFPC), Our SIAA will support the council at any cost and however possible.

SIAA, is headed by Actor Nasser , is the union for film, television and stage actors, in the Indian state of Tamilnadu. Currently , the administrative team includes Actors vishal , karthi, ponnvannan and karunas, aho are taking care of the actor’s needs.

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