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Siddarth Malhotra confirms the recess with Alia Bhatt!

By on February 4, 2019 0 785 Views

The famous talk show Koffee with Karan, has come out with a lot of controversial elements from the beginning of its airing, including the recent Hardik Pandya- K.L.Rahul issue which took a toll in social media, by attracting back a lot of raging comment against. In fact, the show is on motive to uplift the Celebrity – audience gap, where the celebs do share a lot of personal emotions while participating in the show. A few days back, the Bollywood charmer Siddharth Malhotra, with Aditya Rai Kapoor marked their presence in the talk show, who shared about his relationship status. Siddarth confirmed his break up with the Bollywood sensation, actress Alia Bhatt, by mentioning “ we haven’t met after it. Our relationship is civil. It is been a while. I have known her for much longer even before we dated. I gave my first ever shot with her in SOTY, so there is so much history”
Siddarth further added“ there is a reason why two people decided not to be together. There were lots of ups and downs. When you take yourself from a situation, you look at all the good and happy memories”

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