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SPB On Petta- Marana mass!

By on December 6, 2018 0 1115 Views

Petta Marana mass single, which was out on Dec 3rd, had mentioned that the song will have the vocal lend by the legendary singer S.P.balasubramanaim, who predominantly sings the intro song for superstar Rajinikanth.
Though the song had a huge reception from the fans, we could see the fans, irked Anirudh for utilizing SPB for a lesser duration. We also saw, director/politician Gangai Amaran, had his opinion by sharing a meme mentioning both Anirudh and SPB.
Regarding this, Singer balasubramaniam shared a message , which mentions that, the singer is very much happy to Croon a song for superstar Rajinikanth after a long gap. Adding, it is quite unfair to troll, for not using his voice much, as the composer had a trendy vision towards the song.The singer finalized that the song will become a huge hit and go places.
This statement from the singer went viral in social media, where many love the way he handled it. After a great reception for the first track, the team will reveal the second track ”ullalala” , tomorrow at 6pm.

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