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STR clarifies his “contradictory” statements!

By on January 29, 2019 0 671 Views

Actor Simbu ‘s statement on “fanatic- celebration” took a toll on social media, which also received a lot of Negativities from the public. The actor himself, who requested his fans to stay away from the mass celebration including hoardings, banners etc, surprisingly contradicted, the actor himself asked them to celebrate the films to a bigger extent. In fact, there were a lot of oppositions from the major organization of the state, who condemned the act to their fullest.
after a few days of silence, The actor stepped in to clarify the issue, who said” I’m aware that my statements took a different turn. Still, I’m not twisting any of my comments. I strongly asked my fans to always support the needy, who are starving without milk, rather pouring it on my hoardings. I take back my words if it had hurt anybody or any organization. I strictly follow Vallalar’s words on Humanity”
The actor’s return statement had cooled down the chaos happened for the past few days. According to the reports, actor Simbu had always opposed the Celebrating culture, especially pouring the milk on his banners, as few of his fans lost their precious life due to this.

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