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“The duty of police is to support us “ – Actor vishal!

By on December 20, 2018 0 254 Views

Actor vishal who had a lot of mixed complaints on the problem’s happening at TFPC, was shockingly arrested today by the TN police!
The leading members of the council, made a protest against the actor, who was accused to be inefficient in handling the problems related to release of films,as promised during his Swearing cermony.

The Rival team constituting Director Bharathi raja, s.v.shekhar , J.K.Ritheesh and K.rajan head towards the spot, to protest against the Council head earlier yesterday.

This became an alarming issue yesterday, where many started to question vishal’s work in the council.
When the star went to the council today, he was arrested by the police department,after he tried to open the lock, put by his rivals.

Amongst the chaos, Vishal had a fiery byte with the press who said “ the duty of police is to support ,who had locked the office Unethically ”.

The sources around said, the police had repeatedly asked the star to Clear the place, who was denying it for a very long time. This lead the police to lock him up.

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