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Udhayainidhi Stalin appreciates Tammanah!

By on December 26, 2018 0 337 Views

Actor Udhayindhi Stalin, recently who made sure on his presence in DMK public meetings, lead many to question on the actor’s political entry. Still, the public meetings were “choosy” by the star, who undergoes a hectic schedule in both arenas. On films, Udhay’s next will be Kannae kalaimaanae, which had its first look poster a few days back, went viral in social media.

Sharing about the association with director Seenu Ramaswamy, Udhay said, “ Actress Tammanah was the first choice for our team,as the plot majorly travels around the heroine. Im happy on the way she had pulled the role. it will be a treat for her fans, as well as the audience. Our climax is a very moving scene and I managed the crying part without glycerine for the first time. but my director wanted the reality, so I teared up”
Sharing about his career, the actor said, “My career has become post/pre manidhan. Manidhan has given me the confidence to touch content driven scripts. Yes! after my first film, people and fans, expect only comedy films , But my choice are the content films.

On parallel , the actor is also busy under a film titled “Psycho”, which is directed by Mysskin. The film has a dream combo of technicians, with Ilayaraja’s music and P.C.Sreeram’s visuals. Both Kannae kalaimaane and Psycho, Might release In mid-2019.

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