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What does Thala think about his devotees?

By on November 29, 2018 0 104 Views

Thala Ajith’s is one of the south’s biggest superstar, who holds a separate castle, constituting his loyal fans. We are aware that, the star dismantled his fan club in 2011, due to various reasons, but still we could see the fans celebrating his movies as a “festival”.
On a recent chat, with the star’s favorite director Siva, who shared many exciting facts about the combo’s upcoming film viswasam. On asking about the star’s mindset about his fans, the director revealed that, “Ajith sir, wants/wishes his fans to take care of their career and family, who just want to enjoy his films in theatre”. Director finalized by denoting that the star possess a separate love for his fans.
This news showed a star’s love towards his fans. The star’s “viswasam” will be out for this Pongal, battling out with many biggies.

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