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YouTube hunter Thala Ajith!

By on December 31, 2018 0 3536 Views

Raging the social media with “trailers”, happens only for a very few, Amongst them Thala Ajithkumar stands tall. The star who is well known for his rock solid fan base, achieves these feats with the support of his loyal devotees. The theatrical trailer of Viswasam was out on Sunday, which till now surpassed 1 million likes in a very few hours span. Though Thala fans aren’t surprised by the mighty blow due to the immense confidence on their star’s power. Checking on the star’s previous stats, the actor is the only star from Indian cinema to have 500k plus likes in all the turfs he battled including Motion poster, teaser, and lyric video.

Now, let’s check on the Aftermath of Thala’s youtube hunt:
1. Vivegam teaser- 617 k likes
2. Viswasam motion poster- 553k likes
3. “Adchi Thooku”- 642k likes
4. Vivegam trailer:515 k likes
Now, Viswasam trailer had a great reception from the audience, and the “stats” once again proves the tag – “king of social media”.

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