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Actor Kamal Hassan shares his prediction on TN!

By on January 26, 2019 0 66 Views

The chief of Makkal needhi mayyam, Kamal Hassan is keen on reaching the youngsters to share his views and opinions, as he holds an ardent fan following from the sector The actor who travels a lot with the hectic schedule, constantly sticks to interact with the youngsters. As a part of his mission, the leader had his presence in a private college in Chennai, to interact with the young minds of the society. During his address, the leader had few mentions, who said that the People’s happiness gets sunk in the Bribery which happens in our state, the first and Foremost thing which must be eradicated from the entire nation. Even I request the youngsters to get ready for witnessing the Biggest threat which is ready to happen in our TN.
Kamal Hassan is one fine leader, who always takes his views to the Youngsters and the women’s, who are the ones must bounce back from the Chaos happening in the state.

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