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Actor Soori melts in Delta Districts!

By on November 30, 2018 0 81 Views

Support from many social volunteers, organizations and the Government, we could see the delta people slowly recovering from the unfair damage done to them by the nature. Starting from legends, till the 12year Kid, gave whatever they can afford, to pull back their brothers and sisters from the aftermath of this Monsterous Gaja.
Actor Soori,who is currently moving around the Gaja affected places to help the people, had a chat with source around us ,to update the current status .The actor with a lot of sorrow,shared that, it is disturbing to see our people getting madly disturbed ,due to the Damage done by the cyclone.Many, losing their houses and tress, which will take a lot of time to bounce back to the normal stage.
The actor also shared, there is no different between the rich and poor, as everyone get aligned on the same road ,after the nature’s play. Ending with a request, the actor wants the public from Chennai city to help out a little more, to pull out the people from this mighty disaster.

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