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Actor Yash gets emotional!

By on January 10, 2019 0 128 Views

Fandom is reaching at its peak, where we have a minor sector of the current generation, who are madly addicted to their favorite stars. In the past, We have seen fans, hurting themselves and devoting their soul for their idol, just to show their respect, which today gets a step higher after a accident happened in Karnataka. An ardent fan named Ravi(28) committed suicide in front of Sandalwood Actor Yash’s residence, for restricting him to wish the actor the star’s birthday.
Sources around reveal, that the incident was a “shock” for the watch guards, as he burnt himself in a fraction of second. Ravi was reportedly admitted in a private hospital, but couldn’t be saved. Source around the actor says, Yash had his presence in the hospital to console Ravi’s parents. The actor is also stunned due to the issue, who became emotional after his fan’s death.
Actor Yash recently had the stellar flick K.G.F, which got released in 4 languages including (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi) which was well received by the audience.

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