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Actress Oviya shares about her Army!

By on December 28, 2018 0 449 Views

The biggest asset of Bigg Boss season-1 was actress Oviya who grabbed the hearts of Millions of Tamil people. The actress started Day-1 as an average contestant, stood unique in her remaining days. The fans started to create an army for the actress which comprises of TN youths and Families.
Still, many questioned about the fans love, before the season 2 arrival. Interestingly, the people made the actress as one of the “irreplaceable” personality in Bigg boss season 1.

On a recent chat, with the actress who shared some exciting details on the life journey post big boss, said “ Many think that the fame which I’m holding now is an overnight achievement.Yes! big boss gave me this, for which I went through a lots of ups and downs both in my career and personal life. I’m shocked as my army is supporting me with the same love and affection, even after the end of season-1”.
The actress is currently enjoying the success of “Silukkuvaarpatti Singam”, and holds a lot of film in the pipeline, including the Biggies Kanchana 4 and 90ML.

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