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Makkal Selvan Announces 25lakh Worth Essential Commodities for “Gaja” Victims!

By on November 19, 2018 0 547 Views

The monsterous “Gaja”, which thrashed the delta districts including “Cuddalore”, “Nagapatinnam”, “Vedharanyam”, has turned the life of the people living here upside down. We could witness, the Government, social volunteers and the neighbouring district people, helping the “needy “with all the basic needs. Here comes actor Vijay Sethupathi, to lend his support by supplying basic commodities and goods ,on a worth of 25lakhs, to the welfare of the delta victims.

Regarding this, the star stated that, it is the fellow people’s duty to provide the shelter, basic requirements for the affected people. Vijay sethupathi fans club will be providing essential goods to the the affected people which includes “Torchlights”, and “electrical Lamps”, as the place will have an electrical “shutdown” for atleast 10 days. He also added that, the damaged farm lands, tree saplings and the agricultural backups will be provided back to the people, via the respective VFC heads. he also requested the people to contact the fan club, for any help at any cost. The statement ended, with a deep condolence message for those who have lost their loved ones.

Previously, the day started with actor surya’s support, now joins actor vijaysethupathi to help out the Delta people for the state’s recovery.

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