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What pawankalyan said happened today!

By on December 11, 2018 0 550 Views

Janasena party chief, Pawankalyan, who is an actor turned politician currently is focusing on the Public welfare.
The star who previously had an alliance with the  BJP, stepped down previously  after the indifference  shown by the BJP to Telugu people.

The star, took this issue seriously and was keen on opposing the central government with his speech and works.

As an example, in his recent meeting which was held in chennai, shared his motive on associating all the south states against the Central government.

To the media and the  press the star, had repeatedly said that, BJP can’t taste success in any of the southern states, as the people are highly dissappointed with them.

Abiding by  his words, we could see the result of Telengana elections, which washed out the ruling  central party the BJP, and TRS emerged with a great victory, on grabbing  87 constituencies out of 119.

we could see the public and fans, appreciating powerstar pawankalyan on his prediction.

Due to the sudden announcement, and to strengthen the party further before contesting in elections, Janasena did not participate  in the state’s election.

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