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Director Rajumurugan shares About his upcoming film Gypsy!

By on January 26, 2019 0 69 Views

Director Rajamurgan’s films are artistic, which has a lot to speak on visual than opting the words. Starting from his debut film Cuckoo, which showcased the Harmony behind the Life of Visually impaired people, and the next national award-winning “ joker” had a great response from the audience. When the K- town expected, what might be the director’s next move, who rides “Gypsy” with Actor Jiiva. The film already has a positive Aura following throughout ,which had the presence of Famous political aspirants in the teaser of “Very Very bad” song which fetched around 1 million views with 83 k likes. The song’s bold content marked as a highlight, which is currently raging the social media.
Here is what the director has to share about the travel in Gypsy, said “ The intensity behind the song very very bad will be high when it fits with the Visuals. I thank my producer Ambeth Kumar, for backing us financially, which isn’t easy in road films.
Elaborating about the genre, the director said “ Gypsy is a Musical film, which will have its story plot blending with Kindness and nature. I always believe, Life and politics are purely interconnected with each other so the film won’t criticize a specific body /organization”
Gypsy has the music done By Santhosh Narayanan, who joins the actor for the first time. Gypsy has actress Natasha Singh playing the female lead, which directed by Ambeth Kumar under Olympia movies.

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