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“Kaatrinmozhi”’s contribution for “Gaja” victim’s!

By on November 20, 2018 0 279 Views

Team of “Kaatrin Mozhi” to donate to the victims of the wind”s fury.
Following the stream line of the generous film industry in donating to the victims of the “Gaja’ fury the team of “kaatrin Mozhi” comes with an unique style of Contribution for “Gaja” victim’s,which states that, from today, every “Kaatrin mozhi” ticket, will be contributing “2” rupees to The “Chief Minister Relief Fund” for the recovery of delta people.

“Kaatrin Mozhi” was out on Nov 16th, and received a positive response from both fans and the public. ”KM” is an official remake of Bollywood’s “Tum Hari sulu”,which was recreated by director Radha Mohan and bankrolled by Dhananjeyan in Tamil.

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