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Iranian director thrilled by watching tolet!

By on November 29, 2018 0 77 Views

cinematographer turned director chezhiyan impressed us with his visuals in paradesi and joker. made “tolet”which is currently getting acclaimed in various award functions. filmmakers from the nation, who get inspired by Iranian films, get shocked with such a great presentation from south.
on a step higher, a famous Iranian director Askar farghati appreciated the film ,as it gives the feel travel with principle characters, rather watching a film.
sharing the excitement, the “tolet” maker said, director balu mahendra would have really enjoyed such a recognition from an Iranian director for a tamil film. It was the legend’s “aim” to give out such a product, but passed away before doing it.
the director added, “when I was righting articles regarding the must watch foreign films, for vikatan magazine, it pumped out the creator in me to give such a product. I took reference regarding the plot, around my atmosphere rather depending on some other stories.
this film portrays the pain and struggle of the middle class people, who struggle to find their shelter”
finalizing, the director thanked his “ guru” P.C.Sriram for appreciating this film.

the film had its screening in more than 100 prestigious film festivals. currently lands in GOA festival. Tolet will hit the screen, once the pongal storm gets over.

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