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Kamalhassan’s comment on TN budget!

By on February 5, 2019 0 360 Views

Yet again MNM chief kamalHassan ragingly steps in to voice out against the TN budget and it’s features, who opposes it has a destructive to the Tamil people. Kamal Hassan, the active standy for all the major negativities happening against the state welfare, strongly comments on it, who commented on the budget as the “self –serving “ for the Government. Here is what the chief cowped, who said “ All the promises In the interim budget made to the middle class and the farmers might look impressive primia facie but if broken down to per day allowance, it would amount to a paltry sum. economic experts will easily be able to pick holes on this budget. but what is obvious even to the common man is that this budget sounds in some parts like the legitimate version of money for votes.
while the party in the power might reap the benefits of this dole, what if the people of India choose another party? why would the new party in power continue with this budgetary ideas, which they are already critical of?.
the bottom line is, it is a very “self serving “ budget by the government. And more importantly, the budget doesn’t address any of the critical issues that “Affect the people of Tamil Nadu”

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