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MNM gets launched in Pondicherry!

By on January 30, 2019 0 71 Views

kamal Hassan is one politician, who constantly addresses, the negativity and problems occurring to the society. the actor used to have his presence, in all the major places of his Travel, which will predominantly pick on the Social issues. Meanwhile, his “Makkal Needhi Mayyam”The party had its journey start from Feb 21, 2018, which had taken part all the goods and bads of the state.
Now, the chief of MNM , who had left the Pondicherry union territory vacant, launched his party there too. After the launch, the actor addressed in a school event, who said “ We MNM follow the rule of peace and ahimsa from the day 1, which won’t get turned off at any point of time. In fact, we won’t be having any regular kind of politicians taking part.
The actor also added that “ We shouldn’t check Gandhiji in parliament, they are only present outside the parliament”. MNM which was earlier announced to contest in 39 constituencies, will now contest in 40 constituencies in the upcoming election.

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