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By on May 23, 2018 0 95 Views

The sterlite protest in Tamil Nadu, especially in Tuticorin is growing day by day. But what can be the reason for the protest?
Sterlite factory was setup in Tuticorin in the year 1994. It is one of the largest producer of copper. People welcomed it with full joy as they also provided without knowing its side effects, as people wanted Tuticorin to develop.
But their joy did not last for long as the people started to have side effects especially to the soil and the crops they farm. The side effects were copper smelting plant on grounds of leakage of gas, leading to nausea and skin irritation among local inhabitants.
In 2010 the people of Tuticorin sued the company in Madras High Court for contaminating their land and crops which they won. Madras High Court ordered to shut down the company. But later the company filed in Supreme Court struck down Madras High Court’s order and instead asked the company to pay a fine of 100 crore. Later the company started their production.
But again, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board re ordered to shut down the factory for not following the regulations, which the company denied.
But again the protest started in Tuticorin from February 2018 the protest was renewed when the company started to expand their business, which was not accepted by the people. The protest went on expanding among the people.
The protest took ugly when 11 innocent people were shot dead in the protest(22.05.2018).