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TAMIZH PADAM ready to release..!!

By on June 21, 2018 0 105 Views

The absolute bemock of many stars in South India had been framed into a single contempt treat, Tamizh Padam sequel named “TAMIZH PADAM 2.0” had gained the reach of 5M views in 3 days which had been released on May 31, 2018. The cast of characters is not much unveiled, but the protagonist Shiva, Impersonified other star’s Super-Duper characters from their movies.
To the surprise of the audience the movie also mocked the drama of the politicians which is opened and speculated by the meme creators all the way. The complete show of entertainment will be presented to the audience on 27th JULY. The C.S. Amudhan is the director of this parody film which will assure profit to the box office. After the release of this film, it will be a mock buster handle to the audience.
The title of the movie is TAMIZH PADAM 2.0 is now it is changed as TAMIZH PADAM 2.