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Vario helicopters statement about Thala Ajith!

By on December 4, 2018 0 845 Views

Vario Helicopters,One of the biggest Model helicopter maker, and the spare part supplier, has come up with a statement on the recent visit of Indian actor/aeromodeller Ajithkumar’s visit to their head quarters.
The statement involved a great appreciation for the actor’s visit to Grafendorff, who is very keen on learning from every person. The star himself holds a great attraction towards Vario helicopters and aircrafts, as he holds for the racing cars and bikes.

The statement, also mentioned about the star’s Time management, where the actor works for movie at the days, and unfolds the evenings for his passion towards Aircrafts. The statement from the firm was out on 29.11.2018, starting with a note on “Passion doesn’t Know borders”.

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