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Madurai Souljour

By on July 21, 2016 0 102 Views

Madurai Souljour, a group of 4 friends – 3 emcees and 1 producer, originating from Madurai, Tamil Nadu’s third largest city.

Consisting of Saheerul Waris (Syan), Senthil Kumar (Senthuzhan), Robin Arulsingh (Robin) and Nowshadth Ali (Nowsa G), who is the music producer, Madurai Souljour takes pride in being the first Madurai Tamil hip hop group. Emblazoning the strength of Madurai Veeran in its logo, Madurai Souljour is embodying what hip hop is all about – the power of local culture and social commentary. The young Tamil hip hop group ( then known as Kaiser Base) got its big break in 2013 when Yogi B invited them for an audition while the Malaysian rap pioneer was visiting India. What started as a simple audition, has now led to the rebirth of this group; with Yogi B renaming them as Madurai Souljour.

With almost three years of guidance under Yogi B, Madurai Souljour are now in the brink of completing their debut album which is set to be released in 2017.

Now here is the smashing single – “Yeppadi Padinaro” Unofficial Street Jam In Thiruvizha

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