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Baahubali – The Conclusion Movie Review

By on April 28, 2017 0 89 Views

While watching the second installment of most celebrated franchise of ‘Baahubali’, there are many instances that you would find the formulae to be same as the first part. Say for instance, Mahendra Baahubali carrying the gigantic Shivalinga idol in first part could be very much related with the father Amarendra Baahubali taming a wild elephant as his foster mother Ramya Krishna follows a ritual. Apparently, in the first half, there happens to be a sequence, where Mahendra Baahubali tries to woo down Tamannaah with the tattoo and here the one involving Amarendra and Deva Sena (Anushka Shetty) killing the wild boar along with Subbaraju.

There are many sequences in the second installment, which offers sumptuous Goosebumps taking us through engaging moments. The sequence where Prabhas saves Anushka Shetty followed by the intermission sequence, which gives a much more sensational event like the first part, where everyone hails ‘Baahubali’ while erecting the statue of Bhallaladeva and second half, where Prabhas beheads the commando for trying to misbehave with Anushka leaves the theatres in complete applause mode.

Maragadhamani’s background score are stunning and they elevate the visual and narrative structure. In fact, the songs are much more enthralling than the first part. When it comes CG and animation, there are few portions, where we tend to see some amateur elements, but it doesn’t look like a blatant one. When it comes to the climax portions, it turns out to be an abrupt one with start and end. Moreover, the son Baahubali had more prominence in the first part and over here, he is completely eclipsed as we find him only in the climax, whereas his other avatar Amarendra Baahubali is extraordinary. Don’t get worried about Tamannaah. She appears only by the climax and Rana Daggubati flexes his muscle only by that final confrontation with Prabas. Anushka Shetty is stupendous in her spell. Sathyaraj gets an equally powerful role as Prabhas. Nasser does his role aptly. Ramya Krishna is surpassing with her acting.

Overall, Baahubali – The Conclusion offers wholesome entertainment and it’s more engaging than the first part as the drama gets more intense. SS Rajamouli doesn’t let our attention go astray anywhere and it’s a 100% worth watching movie for tickets spent.

Verdict: Breathtaking drama that keeps us engaged throughout the show

Rating: 3.75/5

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