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Dora – SS Music Review

By on March 31, 2017 0 104 Views

The title DORA had a much appealing significance for children could easily relate it with the famous cartoon show that features a little girl and monkey journeying through the hurdles to reach a destination. Apparently, there is a close connect with Nayantara’s feature film with this same title, but much cannot be revealed upon this trait as it could turn out to be a spoiler. The film is helmed by debut filmmaker Doss Ramasamy and is bankrolled by Sarkunam Cinemas with Thambi Ramaiah, Harish Uthaman and Sulile Kumar in important roles.

The film opens with Nayantara going through a critical surgery and few days aftermath is found leading a normal life with her father (Thambi Ramaiah). On a hilarious turn, when her paternal aunt insults them by not helping with their car, both father and daughter decide to buy a second hand car. After glimpsing upon various models, a peculiar antique modeled car strikes the attention of Nayantara and she goes for it. Sooner, they start experiencing paranormal encounters with the car that results in unexpected shock of twists and turns.

First and foremost, special appreciation for Nayantara on choosing script that would offer a strong role to prove her proficiency. Might be, her remake of ‘Kahaani’ in Tamil titled ‘Nee Enge En Anbe’ might have bombed in box office, but then she has taken scrutinizing efforts to choose a supernatural thriller albeit her previous one ‘Maya’ having the same genre. To be precise, the first half doesn’t offer her much scope, but by the second hour she starts getting the hails and whistles from the audiences. Something completely rare in the recent times to see a female protagonist stealing the show… In fact, the first half takes some time to gain the momentum as it comes with different episodes adjoining only before intermission. The second hour has edge-seated moments followed by a much heart-wrenching portions that gets the perfect ending. Sulile Kumar steals the show with his villainous act. Harish Uthaman too has his enough scope to perform and it would have been nice if he had gained a perfect completion to his character. The characterization of Thambi Ramaiah looks too stereotypical.

Background score by Vivek Mervin is stupendous, particularly by the second half that offers more mass moments to Nayantara. Cinematography by Dinesh Krishnan is the major plus in elevating the screenplay.

Overall, Dora offers Goosebumps and Adrenaline rush in certain places that will definitely entertain the audiences without fail.

Verdict: Passable first half followed by spellbinding second half

Rating: 2.75/5

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