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Kathanayagan Movie Review

By on September 9, 2017 0 99 Views

Here is something mandatory that you’ve got to prepare before watching Kathanayagan. This film is strictly for the ones, who just want to drop their rational brilliance outside the theatres before entering theatres. Fun, relaxation, entertainment irrespective of logical issues – Is it all you’re looking out for? Then, Kathanayagan is your cup coffee.

The story is too simple and might be a recollection of what we have seen in Tamil cinema for ages. Vishnu Vishal plays a revenue officer, who is so scared of everything. He doesn’t give an option to stand at least long miles from the place, but just disappear. He falls in love with a beautiful girl (Catherine Tresa) and as you know, she feels back with love after some clashes. But the ultimate twist occurs when her father places a challenge that his daughter’s hubby must be a brave daring person. Will this scary ordinary guy become ‘Hulk’ for his love’s reason now?

Vishnu Vishal has clearly understood the pulse of commercial fans. In fact, he has been balancing between offbeat and commercial movies. So this one belongs to the latter category, which gives less space for too much of critical analysis. Having said that the film is meant for the particular bunch of audiences, they’re beyond the critics and reviews. So we leave it open to such spaces.

The first half involving Soori and Vishnu Vishal are passably entertaining, but not as stunning as Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran. The second half with the entry of Anand Raj, the humour gets coated with enjoyable moments.

When it comes to performance, the actors have done what is required by director Muruganantham. Vijay Sethupathi cameo will be a special delight in theatres.

So far, Sean Roldan has been focussing on unique musical genres of melodies and classics, but this one settles well with the commercial backdrops.

The film isn’t really a one for the multiplex audiences, but will be a time pass for sub-urban and village group of audiences.

Verdict: Enjoyably in places

Rating: 2.5/5

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